SW quality improvements by using quality KPIs
(Hartwig Schwier)

Test und Wartung von IT-Systemen

Datum und Uhrzeit:
Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009 von 14:40 bis 15:20 Uhr

At the beginning of 2007 software quality key performance indicators (KPI) on product level were introduced to report the quality of the software products and to initiate software product quality improvement activities. Significant improvements over the period of about 12-24 months could be achieved. It was proven that quality indicators can be used for reporting as well as for initiating and controlling improvement activities. Following a PDCA cycle we are going to introduce modified metrics and KPIs to safeguard the achieved results and start another improvement cycle.


Dr. Hartwig Schwier is head of corporate software quality, test and validation at Océ. He has been working in software engineering and management for more than 20 years covering software development, architecture and quality assurance. In his recent position he is responsible for software quality management and testing for four R&D software development sites worldwide.


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