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The Software and Systems Engineering Essentials is one of the main conferences dealing with process models, methodology and tools in the German speaking world. It offers a comprehensive insight into standards such as CMMI®, HERMES, ITIL®, PRINCE2™, RUP and V-Modell®XT, agile development strategies like SCRUM and task oriented approaches in modern development environments.

The SEE 2009 has as its core motto "Tools as the key to project success". Process managers and project managers often discover to their cost that useful procedures and standards are not obeyed and followed because they are seen as inherently causing an increase in workload. The consequences of this are quality issues in the project deliverables and inefficient processes. The usage of appropriate tools offers a way around these problems in that the project team members are supported in their work and the following of processes and methodologies is made easier, or even made possible in the first place. With that in mind, tools play a key role in the standardisation of project tasks. The SEE 2009 deals specifically with this aspect and answers questions such as: What tools are available on the market? How do I achieve an integrated tool environment? When do I utilise integrated proprietary OEM systems, heterogeneous Best-of-Breed Tools and/or Open-Source tools? Which tools are appropriate for my internal process models? How do I go about the choice and introduction of tools? And finally: what benefits do the various tools really offer?


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